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Hot and cold weather policy for pet sitters

Hot Weather Safety

This lesson covers signs of overheating in dogs, which breeds require more caution in hot weather, and how temperature can vary between different surfaces.

How to Assess Aggression Issues by "Setting Up the Door"

In this lesson you will learn how to set up the door to screen for aggression issues, Jekyll and Hyde behavior, and what to look for when screening for aggression. 

Understanding a Pet's Medical Issues

This lesson includes example questions you can ask when a client has a pet with a medical issue, how to build a mental model for pets with medical issues, and how to “get curious” to clarify a pet’s medical issues.

Understanding a Pet's Medications

In this lesson you will learn what questions to ask if a pet needs medications, why it is important to ask clients if they will be giving the medication before your first visit, and more.

Laser Pointers, OCD in Cats, and Feather Toys

This lesson includes the pros and cons of laser pointers, and how to finish play sessions to prevent OCD behaviors in cats.



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