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Pet Sitter Course - 5 Things Every Professional Pet Sitter Should Know

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It can be hard to break into a career of dog walking and pet sitting, but this book is your guide through the process. We will cover the five paths you can take towards becoming a pet sitter and dog walker and the common pitfalls that are easy to avoid as long as you know about them.

This books covers:

  • The difference between pet sitting & dog walking
  • How your region impacts the demand for services
  • What pet sitting agencies look for on resumes and applications
  • The most relevant experience you can highlight on a resume to get hired
  • Pet sitting certifications and how getting certified can boost your career
  • Pet sitting and dog walking as a freelancer
  • What it means to be a solo-sitter
  • An introduction to the pet sitting agency business model
  • How to schedule pet sitters so team members have days off
  • The four main roles within a pet sitting agency
  • Tips for starting your own company
  • How to find pet sitting companies that are for sale

This book is an introduction to how to become a professional pet sitter or dog walker and a must-read title for anyone considering a career in the industry.

The author, Kyle Andrew Lee, has owned a pet sitting and dog walking agency in Colorado’s front range in the USA. At the time of this writing, his company has completed over 10,000 visits, served for over 280 clients, and cared for over 470 pets over the course of five and a half years. Kyle is also the author and instructor of the Certified Pet Expert online video course and certification made specifically for professional pet sitters and dog walkers.