Sales & Client Onboarding

Sales & Client Onboarding Course

This Course is included with the purchase of the Certification Course. It is not accessible to Staff invited to the Team Training Page.

This course will show you a proven sales and onboarding process for new pet sitting and dog walking clients.

Download the example Sales Worksheet which includes all of the questions you should ask a new client during your initial sales call. During a sales call you should be gathering information about the client, sorting out if they are a good client (good fit) for you, and setting initial expectations with the client.

Also included in this course are four example sales calls. You will hear real examples of how to negotiate with clients and sell your services without being “salesy”. We will cover how to position yourself as a “trusted advisor” rather than a salesperson. 

Lastly, you will get: perfectly worded example sales emails, voicemail greetings, an example contact form, and a complete workflow for onboarding a new pet sitting or dog walking client.

Course Instructor

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