Hiring Course

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This course is specifically designed for hiring pet sitting and dog walking staff. We make the hardest part of running a pet sitting company easy. Enroll Today 

This course includes:

  • A complete, proven hiring process for pet sitters and dog walkers
  • Example phone interview recordings (Good and Bad hires)
  • Proven job dd and job description
  • An example online application
  • Example interview questions that weed out bad hires
  • A complete onboarding process that sets expectations across your team
  • Hundreds of proven example policies
  • Complete set of editable onboarding documents
  • Onboarding checklist
  • An editable employee handbook template
  • Accurate information about HR rules and laws for both Employees and Independent Contractors
  • A guide to preparing for your first payroll
  • How much to pay pet sitting staff
  • How to pay for travel time, mileage, and time at visits
  • How to easily train pet first-aid
  • An editable document pack with over 20 helpful hiring forms
  • A hiring scorecard
  • Perfectly worded example emails for each step in the process
  • Methods for keeping track of where each candidate is at in your hiring process, so no good hires get missed
  • And much more

This course is perfect for anyone who is getting started with hiring staff or those that want to improve their hiring process.

There are four free lessons you can view right now. Scroll down to see the free lessons.

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