Don't reinvent the wheel

Business Coaching for Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers

Building a pet sitting and dog walking company can be difficult if you do it all on your own. 

So, we set out to create easy to follow procedures any pet sitting agency can use. 

We built proven hiring processes, client onboarding strategies, Marketing and SEO practices, along with pricing policies that work as a system to ensure your company’s success. Schedule a meeting to see how we can help your company grow.

$60 for a 1hr Coaching Meeting

Enrollment in the Certification Course is required 

Kyle Haubrich Pet Sitting Coach

We Solve Real Problems

what can we do for you?

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Hiring Strategy

Hiring can be difficult. We would like to share a proven hiring process with you.

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Client Onboarding

If your processes are not the best, we can help.

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SEO and Marketing

Build trust in your community and grow your company.

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Accounting and Bookkeeping

Create clean books so you know you are making money.

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There are many factors to setting your prices. We can help.

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Operations is our specialty. This often overlooked part of business is what sets you apart.

Only Hire the best

Hiring Strategy

Hiring is one of the hardest parts of running a pet sitting agency, but it is critical to your long term success. Schedule a meeting with us to cover exactly how to find the perfect person to hire. 

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Compete in your market While Paying Your Staff

Pricing and Staff Pay

A few cents difference in pricing and pay can add up to thousands of dollars at the end of the year. We can show you how to take all of your expenses into account so you are profitable and competitive. 

Build your Local and Digital Presence

Marketing and SEO

Learn how to build marketing systems that sell new clients on your service before they even contact you. With the right marketing, your clients are ready to buy before they call.

Geers of Operations

The Difference Between You and Your Competition


 The key to a successful pet sitting or dog walking company is getting your company to operate as a system. Many business owners overlook operations but it is the single most important part of your business. Luckily, operations is our specialty. Schedule a meeting today to get your company working as a system.

Kyle Haubrich Pet Sitting Coach

We are here to help

About Us

Kyle Haubrich built a leading dog walking and pet sitting agency in Colorado’s front range. For years his company focused on providing excellent pet care as well as developing policies and procedures that would be solid enough for a franchise. 

Rather that selling franchises, and only helping a few select people, he decided to offer online training along with personal coaching so everyone in the industry can have accessible, agency-level, procedures you can use to build your company’s foundation. 

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Save years of frustration by getting a head start through coaching. 

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See if our teaching style works for you.

Enroll in the Free Demo

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Become a Certified Professional Pet Sitter and Dog Walker today.

See if our teaching style works for you.