Simplify Your Scheduling With Calendly

If you are not familiar with Calendly, it’s awesome. Calendly can check two of your calendars to see when you are already booked. Then, based on your booked appointments and your availability, Calendly will show your real-time open availability to anyone you share your calendly link with. And, it allows them to book an appointment at a time that you are free.

For $10 per month you can set up as many scheduling links as you like. Calendly will email you when someone books, and automatically add it to your calendar.

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How I Set Up My Calendly

I link my personal g-mail calendar and my work (Google Workspace) calendar to calendly. This way Calednly can see all of my manually booked appointments. I also set up a group email account in Google Workspace called calendly@mydomain.com and made this my Calendly user account email, which Calendly sends all of my appointment notifications to. Then I added my Virtual Assistant to the calendly@mydomain.com Google Workspace group. 

This way, all of my Calendly requests are sent to my virtual assistant, and she adds them to my Precise Pet Care schedule, which ensures I don’t get double booked. This simple setup has been a huge time saver. 

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Scheduling Phone Interviews

You can use Calendly to schedule any type of meeting. However, the main thing I use Calendly for is automatically scheduling phone interviews. 

Our pet sitting company is in a town of about 170,000 people, so when we post a job ad on indeed, we get about 80 applicants every few weeks. For me, I’ve found that about one out of 200 applicants work out well. But, it’s hard to know if someone is a good fit until you connect with them over the phone. 

So, I use Calendly to schedule our phone interviews. When a candidate sends us a good application. I send them this canned response and Calendly takes it from there.

Hello [applicant’s name],

Thanks for filling out our application. It looks great and I would love to schedule a phone interview! You can use this link to schedule a time that works for you: https://calendly.com/kyle-abc/phone-interview

These calls usually take about 30-45-minutes. If you can not find a time that works for you, please reply back to this email with some times that you are available for a call.

All the best,

Kyle Haubrich

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