Managing Communication at An Agency

Different pet sitting and dog walking companies will have different ways of communicating with clients, and communicating between team members. Also, there will be specific ways that team members can contact clients.

Often companies will channel all communication from clients through their main office. This is important so there is a ‘central command’ that keeps track of the often hundreds of details pet sitters and dog walkers are responsible for getting right on a day to day bases.

If a sitter goes around the office and reaches out to the client directly, without notifying the office. Your team members may be out of the loop and not know what happened at the last visit and they might not know about scheduling updates or changes to the visit.

When you keep your office in the loop with any questions that you have and you update your office with any new information that you got from the client, everyone stays on the same page and your day to day goes much more smoothly.

This course is written in a way that include this ‘hierarchy’ of communication so smaller companies, or solo sitters, can think about how their processes can scale up as their company grows, rather than needing to rework numerous processes as problems come up during the scaling phase of a company.

An Example

Something you will hear a lot is ‘Check with your office admin if you are not sure about this or that’ or ‘let your office know if this or that happened at a visit’. This is good practice to follow and is good advice if you work in an agency.

But if you are a solo sitter, or you are planning on becoming a solo sitter, of course, you do not have an office admin to call. Instead you are acting as the dog walker or pet sitter, the office admin, and the owner. So to follow along with our course, You will just need to think through the steps and how the communication flows and understand that you are a solo sitter you will be taking care of all of the communication steps yourself.

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