Client Onboarding – Home and Pet Profile Questions to Ask

Picture of By: Kyle Haubrich

By: Kyle Haubrich

Dog walker and online course creator

In this article, we share all of the questions we ask in our Online System’s home and pet profiles. 

These are all of the custom questions we enter. So, these are in addition to any of the questions your online system asks by default. Here they are, in no particular order. We have a couple of user submitted questions listed in blue

Home Profile

  • Trash/recycling location inside
  • The big/main trash & recycling bin location
  • Trash/recycling pickup day?
  • Pet waste disposal instructions
  • Vacuum and broom location
  • Breaker box location
  • Water shutoff valve location
  • Fire extinguisher location
  • Thermostat temperature range
  • Should we schedule a Meet & Greet for every new sitter? Or can current sitters train new sitters?
  • Plant watering instructions
  • Location of pet carriers
  • House Notes
  • Other Notes
  • Can we share pictures of your pets on social media or on the website?
  • Litter box locations
  • Mailbox location / number
  • Will anyone else be present at your home during your visits? Friends, family, cleaners, etc. If yes, who and what times?
Home Profile for Dog Walker CRM

Pet Profile

  • Personality
  • Pet’s Routine During Visits
  • My pet knows these training cues
  • AM/PM Mealtime Instructions: Location of food dish, Supplements/Medications with meal, Where is extra pet food stored, and brand (Medication details below)
  • Aggression or reactivity issues / resource guarding
  • Notes
  • Favorite games, toys, and activities
  • Favorite walking routes
  • Areas that are off limits
  • Treats
  • Any food allergies? Can we use our treats? (Red Barn – Lamb)
  • Are there areas where your pet does not like to be touched?
  • What type of water? Tapwater, reverse osmosis, filtered, from the refrigerator, etc?  
Pet Profile for Pet Sitting CRM

Medical History

  • Vaccinations
  • Medical history and medical concerns
  • Medication instructions and location
  • Total diagnosis and treatment limit in the case of an emergency (Commonly $200, $1000, and Unlimited
  • Precautions to take due to medical concerns

Veterinarian Questions

  • Regular veterinarian
  • Preferred Emergency After Hours Veterinarian
  • Approved diagnosis and treatment limit in the case of an emergency, and we can’t get in contact with you

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