The 10 Best Winter Boots for Pet Sitters

The 10 best winter boots for pet sitters

We are here to answer the big questions. The questions that really matter – and this week we present the 10 best winter boots for pet sitters! 

I follow a rule. I invest in things I use every day. As a pet sitter and dog walker in the winter, I am on my feet and romping through snow everyday. So, I invest in good winter footwear. 

The following boots in this article are all waterproof, high quality and have good support. 

Thank you to everyone that responded to our “Pet Sitter High 5” newsletter to give their recommendations for the boots they love. For more great shoes and boots that pet sitters love, be sure to check out the Sniff Dog Blog. 


#10. Keen
Kaci II Winter Waterproof Boot

For those that prefer a boot made by Keen, the Kaci II is a good option and has a stylish look. Keen makes a great show at a good price. They might not hold up as well as a Scarpa or La Sportiva, but you are also not going to need to pay an arm and a leg for it. 

#9. Sorel
Joan of Artic

I absolutely love the look of the Sorel – Joan of Arctic, plus they are waterproof and comfortable.

#8. La Sportiva
Eclipse GTX

La Sportiva is known for making some of the best hiking boots out there. Personally, I really like the look of the Eclipse GTX. One thing to keep in mind is La Sportiva’s tend to run a bit small and may take some time to break in. 

COVID has made these boots harder to come by. They are hand made, so I don’t blame them for limiting their production to protect their workers. 

#7. Columbia
Powderhouse Titanium

If you are dealing with serious amounts of snow, you might consider the Columbia – Titanium. They are going to be able to handle whatever you throw at them

#6. Salomon
Toundra Pro Climasalomon Waterproof

Another pick for those walking in heavy snow and maybe even snowshoes! Soloman makes a nice boot and these are going to be the ticket if you are romping through some serious snow with the dogs! 

#5. Scarpa
Kinesis pro GTX

I love Scarpas. Although you will pay for for the quality Scarpa is known for, this will be a boot that holds up. You will be happy with this boot. This is our highest price pick.

The same shoe is sold for men and women and lists men. Men and women’s sizes are both listed on the same shoe.


#4. Muck Boot
Arctic Apraès

Muck boots are a very popular option for dog walkers and pet sitters and it’s no surprise. They have a weird name but  good arch support and are easy to slip on and off – an important consideration for dog walkers and pet sitters. 

I recommend to all of my sitters they take their shoes off in the client’s home whenever the weather is rainy, snowy, or muddy. Tracking mud in a client’s home is also one of the most common and expensive insurance claims. 

#3. Sorel Explorer Joan

Here is another great pick from Sorel. This get’s its pick for being waterproof, fashionable, and easy to put on. The Sorel sole does not provide quite as much traction as other boots, but it’s a great all around pick for those who do not deal with as much snow and ice. 

#2. Muck Boots Apres Lace Arctic Grip

Another choice from Muck Boots is the Apres Lace Arctic Grip. I like the laces and the look of this boot. You will also be getting the classic quality Muck Boots is known for. 

#1. Merrel Moab 2 Mid Waterproof

There are the winter boots I have worn for pet sitting and dog walking for the last 5 years. They have out of the box comfort and are easy to slip on and off. The price is very good for the level of quality you get. You can put your foot in a river and they stay waterproof up the the top. They also keep my feet nice and warm in the Colorado winters. You will likely need to replace this shoe every few years. But, no shoe lasts forever. 

Be sure to get the waterproof version! There is a style that is a few bucks cheaper that looks almost exactly the same. But I would say the waterproofing is what makes this boot the #1 pick. 

Bonus Pick!
Peet Boot Dryer and Heater

I love this thing. My parents are farmers in the mid-west and they got this for me for Christmas a few years ago. They know whats up when it comes to snow and work bootsThis has to go in one of the top 10 gifts of all time. Put your snowy boots on this bad boy and come back in an hour or two to nice dry and warm boots. It’s like you just took your boots out of the dryer. I also put my slippers on this when I take my boots off so I have nice warm slippers when I get back home from my dog walks. It’s awesome.

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