Best Car Snacks for Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers

Best car snacks for pet sitters

If you are a professional dog walker or pet sitter, you burn a ton of calories during the day and you spend a lot of time driving between visits. 

So, it’s handy to have some great car snacks on hand so you can keep your energy up all day. Here at PetSitterCourse.com, we answer the real question pet sitters and dog walkers have. So, in this article we cover the best car snacks for pet sitters and dog walkers.

1.) Green apples and Brie cheese

Green apples and brie cheese

I like to precut the apples and brie cheese so I can stack a slice of cheese on a slice of apple and eat these while I drive. It’s super tasty! White cheddar is a good alternative if you don’t like brie cheese.

2.) Spicy Puffed Rice and Gouda Cheese

Spicy popped rice and gouda cheese

If you have never tried these Quaker Rice Crisps they are worth a shot. A bit of gouda makes them very savory and balance out the spice.

3.) Trail Mix

Trail mix

Classic trail mix. Switch it up with dried cranberries or dark chocolate chips. Add in for favorites to make it your own.

4.) Cheez-Its, Popcorn, and Cashews - Mixed together!

Cheeze-its popcorn and cashews

One of my sitters turned me on to this tasty mix. I throw a few handfuls of each into a zip-lock for an easy snack on the go. 

5.) Snack Bars

snack bars

So many great snack bars are available these days.

6.) PB&J - A Classic

Peanut butter and jelly

Gotta include the classics!

7.) Kale Chips - A Healthy Snack

Kale chips

Making these at home is super hard to get right, but the store bought kale chips make for a great car snack. 

8.) Fruit Leather

fruit leather

Having fruit leather makes my day! 

9.) Apples and Peanut Butter

Apples and peanut butter

Another classic. I pre-cut my apples into thin slices and bring a butter knife to spread on the Jif! 

10.) Water - Stay Hydrated!

Nalgene water bottle

Sometimes when I notice I’m getting tired during a long day of pet sitting, it’s not because I’m hungry. It’s because I’m dehydrated. 

I love these Nalgene water bottles because they hold 1 liter, so it’s easy to keep track of how much water I’m drinking each day. Remember to drink:

  • 3 liters per day for women
  • 4 liters per day for men 

11.) Fruit and Cheese

fruit and white cheddar

Sometimes I’ll fill up a tupperware with sliced peaches, cheese, or whatever fruit I have around. Fruit alone usually does not fill me up, but a little cheese on the side goes a long way. 

White cheddar goes great with apples! 

12.) Hummus, Chips, or Veggies

Hummus chips and veggies

Hummus will keep in your car for a couple of hours. I love some fresh vegetables and hummus!

13.) String Cheese

Cheese sticks

Another classic snack.

14.) Almonds


Almonds are super tasty and a top superfood. They pack a ton of energy and are great for you. 

15.) Clementines


A great summer snack and they even help you stay hydrated. 

16.) Pop-tarts

pop tarts

An easy snack for when you are on the run. 

17.) Fruit Juice

Naked fruit juice

These nutrient packed fruit juices are a great pick me up on a hot day. 

18.) Fig Bars

fig bars

I could eat an entire box of these, as long as I have a full water bottle. 

19.) Cheese and Crackers

Cheese and crackers

Is it bad if half of my diet consists of cheese and crackers? 

20.) Quick and Easy Lunch or Dinner

Sometimes I like to call in a pickup order to my favorite restaurant and eat a quick bite in between my visits. 

Most of the time a side order or an appetizer fills me up and it’s much cheaper than ordering an entree.  

Fried Rice and Wontons / Rangoons

fried rice side and wontons

A large side of fried rice is usually $4-5 US and makes a really good meal on the go. If I’m extra hungry I’ll get an order of wontons too. 

21.) Mexican Rice, Chips and Salsa

I couldn’t find a good picture of a side Mexican fried rice, but it’s one of my favorites! If you ask nicely you can usually get a bag of chips and a container of salsa along with your a side order. Again, most places only charge $4-5 US for a side order, so it’s cheap and easy. 

22.) Avocado Cream Cheese Shusi

I couldn’t find a good picture for this one :/ but an avocado cream cheese shusi roll usually costs $5.50 – $6.50 US and makes a great meal on the run. Skipping the fish brings the cost way down. Which is good because I usually need two rolls to fill me up!

What are Your Favorites?

Do you have a favorite car snack you would like to share? Please comment below! 

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