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Pet Sitters

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• Self-paced online course

Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Certification and Training

Online Course for Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers

• Prevent problems
• Proven processes
• Self-paced online course

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Getting training and certification is the best step you can take in becoming a professional. Gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence your clients expect.

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Build your team with proven processes

Developed over 5.5 years

Get certified. Use our logos on your website

Save thousands of $$$ by starting off on the right paw

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Detailed lessons based on real world experience

Scale your company

Stop developing your processes by trial and error

Covers preventable mistakes and more

Build your team with proven processes

Developed over 5.5 years

Scale your company

Covers preventable mistakes and more

Save thousands of $$$ by starting off on the right paw

Detailed lessons based on real world experience

Stop developing your processes by trial and error

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Every company is a little bit different and operates in a unique way. We took this into account from the start.  This online course will complement your existing policies, not override them.

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Grow Your Business By Getting Certified

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Made For Pros

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Easily Onboard New Staff

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Grow Your Business By Getting Certified

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The pet sitting section clarified a lot for me. It's helpful for beginners and experts alike.
Alex B.
Pet Sitter & Office Admin
This training really helped me be confident when talking with clients. Now I know exactly what to do.
Mak M.
Pet Sitter & Dog Walker
This course provided me the organizational steps necessary to make every visit run smoothly. With the knowledge that I am prepared for any situation, I can now focus even more energy on my clients.
Kate F.
Pet Sitter & Dog Walker

A Masterclass in Professional Pet Sitting

For years, I struggled to train the pet sitters and dog walkers in my company. It seemed almost every day something new would come up which needed to be added to the training program. So, over the course of five and a half years I continued to add each new item to a notepad and those notes have become this training and certification course. 

Now, I’m excited to share everything I’ve learned with you. I wish I had this course when I started because it covers details you won’t find anywhere else. When you enroll, you get instant access to everything you need to know to become a pet sitter and enjoy a career you love. 

What You Will Learn

The Best Way to Ensure You Give Medications Correctly Every Time: The most common mistake pet sitters make is mixing up medications. We teach a simple method that ensures you get the medications right every time.

How To Meet With Clients: The course covers 27 questions to ask at every Meet & Greet to ensure you have all the information you need to make your visits go smoothly. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls, negotiate concerns, notice subtle reactivity issues, and come away from the meet & greet confident you know every detail of the visits you are responsible for.

How To Handle a Dog Fight: Dog fights are dangerous and can escalate quickly. You will learn how to prevent dog fights all together and ways to safely break it up if a dog fight does occur on your watch.

How to Know if a Client is a Good Fit: Not every client is a good fit for pet sitting. This course will teach you how to spot potential problems and negotiate concerns before they come up.

Dog Walking Safety: Sometimes the way we would normally walk our own dogs would put reactive, senior, or brachycephalic dogs in danger. Learn easy and effective methods that keep the pets in your care safe.

A Complete List of the Best Pet Sitter Supplies: Having the right tools makes all of the difference. This course covers everything you need to bring to keep your visits running smoothly. From the best poop bags, to the best key tags, to a highly recommended and easy to use first aid kit, and much more.

How to Evaluate Aggression or Reactivity Issues in Dogs: Many clients hire a pet sitter because their pets do not do well around other dogs or in the kennel. When you onboard a client you need to know how to spot subtle aggression issues so you don't put yourself in a dangerous situation later on at the visits.

Editable Forms for Pet Sitters: Everything from medication charts, visit checklists, example customer surveys, trash day reminder, a meet & greet packet that sets policy expectations for clients, promotions that increase client referrals, and more.

Dog training Without Fear or Pain: I tell my sitters they should say "Yes" to a dog as much as they say "No." Punishment based training will cause unpredictable outcomes and reactivity issues. There is a better way. You will learn how to communicate with a dog on their level, and in a way that offers guidance and structure. Train dogs in a way that is compatible with the way a dog's brain works so they are actually learning what to do, not just avoiding punishment. It's an incredible difference.

Steps to Take In the Event of a Pet Health Emergency: When an emergency happens you need a plan. We teach you the steps to take to keep your client in the loop and in the driver's seat if you need to take a pet to the vet while your client is out of town.

How To Complete Visits: You will learn how to order tasks to maximize your time at each visit, how to prevent and recognize medical issues such as bloat or a blockage, and simple tips and tricks that will help you avoid insurance claims. The course covers how to ensure pets stay safe between visits, the client's home stays safe and secure, and much more.

How to React if You Make a Mistake: Mistakes happen, and no matter who is at fault, the way you handle fixing a mistake can be the difference between if a pet lives or dies. We teach you how to communicate with your client to make sure everyone stays on the same page and the pets in your care stay safe.

How Mental Models Help You Spot Medical Issues: You will learn how to spot subtle medical issues by building a mental model of what is normal for each pet in your care.

Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Certification and Training


At any time you can log into your sitter’s account and see their progress. 

Also, you can see the quizzes your sitter has passed by checking “My Achievements” under the Member’s Area Dashboard. 

I recommend you sign up your sitter using your sitter’s email address and a password that you share with your sitter. 

This way you can log into your sitter’s account at any time to view their progress. 

Yes. Please purchase a  course for each sitter you want to train. Only one person can complete the quizzes per username. 

Pet Sitter Certification Course

Standard Operating Procedures That Get Your Team On The Same Page.
$ 34
  • 14 Part Meet & Greet Script
  • 15 Standard Operating Procedures for Completing Pet Sitting Visits
  • 8 Dog Walking Safety Lessons
  • 3 Key Management Lessons
  • 2 Bloat & Blockage Symptom & Prevention Lessons
  • 4 Medication Best Practice Lessons
  • 12 Part Study Guide
  • 7 Pet Sitter Kit and Supplies Lessons
  • All Lessons Focused on Safety and Preventing Mistakes
  • Perfect For Training Your Team
  • Become Certified To Get A Job As A Pet Sitter

Agency Starter Pack

All Standard Operating Procedures Plus 17 Editable Documents
$ 54
  • Includes All Features Of The Pet Sitter Certification Course
  • 17 Editable Documents For Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers
  • Editable Pet Sitting Meet & Greet Checklist
  • Editable Dog Walking Meet & Greet Checklist
  • Editable Care Sheet
  • Editable Medication Chart
  • Editable Visit Checklist - For Training New Sitters
  • Editable Plant Care Chart
  • Editable Policy Highlights Sheet
  • Editable Sales Call Sheet - Makes Sales Calls Easy
  • Editable Satisfaction Survey
  • Editable Trash Day Reminder Template
  • Refrigerator Magnet Template - Great For Word Of Mouth Marketing

Team Builder

Includes All Features Plus an Fully Editable Training Manual
$ 99
  • Includes All Features Of The Pet Sitter Certification Course
  • Includes All Features of Agency Starter pack
  • 140 Page Editable Training Manual For Pet Sitters
  • Editable Training Manual Includes Every Lesson From The Certification Course
  • Customize The Training Manual To Match Your Policies Exactly